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Products I Use: Targus Notebook Cooling Mobile X Stand

Taking another item in my bag is the last thing I want to do.  I have to carefully manage the weight in my carry on bag so that I don’t need a fork lift to pick it up.  So when I start looking at another item I’ll have to carry I get cautious.  However, here’s the deal.  I’ve started getting some tingling in my hands as I work on my laptop.  I moved my watch from one wrist to the other, started putting paper notebooks in front of my computer to support my arms, and all sorts of other goofy ways to make the pain stop.

I had decided that I had to live with it and be careful when working on the laptop.  I then ran into the Targus Notebook Cooling Mobile X Notebook Stand.  I got it on a whim, thinking hey, what could it hurt but I’ve got to tell you it’s made my essential list.

It’s designed to tilt the notebook up to allow it to cool, however, the tilt is just enough to make it more comfortable for me to type.  By aligning the angle of the notebook so that my arms comfortably rest on the front of the computer while typing, it’s eliminated those times when I feel pain from typing on the keyboard.  Just the little bit of angle that it adds to the notebook is enough to remove the pressure from my wrist and aparently allow blood to continue flowing to my hands.

When I’m done it folds up into a ultra small size that I can slip into one of the outside pouches on my bag.  It’s about the size of a tabletop tripod and weighs less than 6 ounces.

I suppose it helps the computer stay cool too … but I don’t really care that much about that compared to being able to type without pain.

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