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Article:Leverage the Business Benefit of Wikis and Blogs

The old cliché that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover isn’t the easiest thing to live. Malcolm Gladwell exposes in detail how the first impression can be very powerful in his book Blink: We are conditioned to make snap judgments about the world around us. It’s our primary coping mechanism for the overwhelming amount of information that we’re taking in every day.

It wouldn’t be surprising to anyone that there are features in the SharePoint technology family that scream out that they are for consumer use and not for business. Looking quickly at wikis and blogs, as an example, it might be easy to conclude that they have no place in business. But that initial conclusion may be wrong. Think about the potential amount of business information your company loses each year due to turnover alone. It’s practically a crime not to seek out ways to help capture and retain information that’s being lost today. That’s precisely what wikis and blogs can do for your organization.

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