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Speaking at Advisor Summit on SharePoint, Miami, Sept 30-Oct 4

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be delivering three sessions at Advisor Summit on SharePoint in Miami, FL.  The event is going on from September 30th – October 4th.  Specifically the three sessions I’m doing are:

Help Your SharePoint User
  • Finding the Lost Information in Your Enterprise
    When you want to find an HR form do you look on the Web … or do you call your friend in HR? Have you ever needed to know what your organization knows about a topic, and you know the knowledge exists, but you can’t find it? In this session you’ll learn about the first step to getting a handle on data in your enterprise: getting people involved with SharePoint. You’ll then explore the crucial second step: preventing that interest from getting out of control. (Do you remember the proliferation of Access databases in the 1990s?) Don’t miss this session full of tips on how to promote SharePoint adoption — while setting up a taxonomy and structure to keep control.
  • SharePoint Workflow Out of the Box
    SharePoint 2007 provides many pre-built workflow solutions directly out-of-the-box. Learn what you can do with SharePoint and workflow — without being a developer. In this session, you’ll explore what options you have if you don’t like braces, brackets, and semicolons. MOSS includes workflows that may fit your needs and, even if they don’t, you might be able to create your own with SharePoint Designer.
  • SharePoint Workflow for the Developer
    SharePoint is a powerful platform for workflow, especially if you’re a developer. Learn how to build your own SharePoint Workflows in Visual Studio. Developed workflows can do almost anything from sending reminders, to creating tasks, and updating properties.

If you want to learn more about the event or register you can do so here.  I’ll see you in Miami, FL.

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