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Become a SharePoint Developer Instantly, If Not Before

With all of the interest in SharePoint I sometimes think that people walk up to me and want to know how to become a SharePoint developer instantly. (Just add water, as they say.) If you read my MSDN Magazine End Bracket article “You Should Learn SharePoint” you probably already realize that it’s not quite that simple. However, Paul Andrew has been leading a charge that Andrew Connell and I’ve been a part of to get a good primer for SharePoint developers out there so anyone who has the desire to learn will have all of the tools they need to get started with SharePoint development. The first part of the campaign is ten (!) hour long web casts where we cover the things you need to know about SharePoint and some of the cool things to learn about SharePoint that can make building your solutions easier. They are every Tuesday & Wednesday from 12p-1p EDT (GMT -0500) starting next week for the next five weeks. Here’s a break down of the schedule:

Help Your SharePoint User
Date (all times EDT) Topic & Registration URL Presenter
Tues, May 20 : 12-1p Web Parts Rob Bogue
Wed, May 21 : 12-1p Data Lists Rob Bogue
Tues, May 27 : 12-1p Silverlight Andrew Connell
Wed, May 28 : 12-1p Event Handlers Andrew Connell
Tues, June 3 : 12-1p Site Branding Andrew Connell
Wed, June 4 : 12-1p Workflow Rob Bogue
Tues, June 10 : 12-1p Web Services Andrew Connell
Wed, June 11 : 12-1p Page Navigation Andrew Connell
Tues, June 17 : 12-1p User Management Rob Bogue
Wed, June 18 : 12-1p Content Types Rob Bogue

Special thanks to Paul for getting this ball rolling, and the awesome set of people participating both at Microsoft and external to Microsoft to make this happen. I’m excited to be a part of it.

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