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Article: Managing the Code when Customizing SharePoint

One of the most common problems that organizations that are customizing SharePoint have is how do they manage the code deployment process. Organizations typically have configuration management guidelines that help them regulate how code makes it into production whether that’s internally developed code or are patches that are applied to the operating system and products being leveraged.

The problem is that SharePoint doesn’t fit a nice clean model. Because so much of SharePoint is configuration and data driven, code that works in development or a test environment may not work in Prod because things are configured differently or there’s different data to operate on.

Help Your SharePoint User

So how do you manage a situation where you’ve got configuration information that needs to meet up with code to create a complete solution? In this article I’ll tackle this problem, a generic approach, and talk about a few of the sharp edges on the strategy that you’ll have to educate everyone on.


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