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Products I Use: Dr. Bott T7 Hub

I’ve had a really hard time finding a USB hub. OK, not just any USB hub, but one that would be able of outputting the full power allowed by the standard to all of the ports. You see I’ll set my mobile phone which can be powered via USB, my Zune, which can be powered via USB, and my page scanner for receipts all together on my desk and plug them into a hub. Invariably the hubs that I had would get flakey, or the devices would start reporting issues, or just fail to start up. So I went on a hunt. Eventually I found Dr. Bott’s T7Hub. It’s really simple. It will output up to 0.5A per port. The maximum the standard allows. It does this because it has a power supply capable of outputting 3.5A (7x 0.5 = 3.5A). Now I can plug in all of my power hungry devices and not have to worry.

The only odd thing about the hub is that the ports are clustered at the top (3) and bottom (4) rather than about the sides as you might expect.

The indicators about which ports are in use is entertaining although frankly you pretty much know what you’ve got plugged into it.

I mentioned my phone, my zune, and the page scanner — but the other quite handy thing is the ability to plug in 2.5″ hard drives into it as well. The little self-powered USB drives seem to like the hub as well.

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