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The SharePoint Calendar – SharePoint Events and Releases

Several of the folks I know, including Joel and the SharePoint Product Team started posting “calendars” as text in a blog post. That was entertaining because I was just getting ready to do the same thing to talk about the conferences I’d be at and the presentations I’d be giving. However, I realized that we’ve got the same problem with calendars as we have with most content, it’s scattered all over the internet. So I created a SharePoint Calendar that has all of the major events that I could find. I’ve added an email alias [email protected] that you can send requests for calendar updates to. (My assistant will process these for now, if we get enough activity I’ll automate the system.)

Once we get a few people linking to their entries in the calendar I’ll put a web part on the page that will provide a set of links to pages linking to the event (so you can see who’s presenting what at the event)

Help Your SharePoint User

With a little luck we’ll end up with one calendar for SharePoint stuff.


  1. Robert, you should RSS-enable that list! :)

    –Paul Galvin

  2. Hallo Robert. I came across your article titled ‘Get out of the information technology reactionary rut’ at the TechRepublic website. I am starting to publish a management magazine in February 2009 and i was impressed by the article. Now, am doing the mag on a shoe-string budget and i was wondering if you could be kind enough to let me reprint it. I will not be able to offer any payments. As a matter of fact, am soliciting contributions from the network of friends i have made in the consultancy world. The response is encouraging. I was tickled to read that sometimes you go looking for info only to get a link to your own past articles. Down here in Nairobi, Kenya, I would call that being blessed. I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards
    Abel Kabiru
    Publisher, Management Review East Africa.

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