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Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

Most folks who know me know that I have a love-hate relationship with SharePoint Designer. (Some say I love to hate SharePoint Designer.) I’ve written about my feelings on a few occasions. In truth it’s not that I hate SPD — I actually love it. I just hate when it’s used for evil. Of course, my definition of evil may be different than yours. I tend to think from the perspective of infrastructure here in terms of the solutions I can’t deploy, I can’t migrate, and I can’t upgrade.

So when my buddy Woody started working on a new book about SharePoint Designer, I wasn’t exactly positive. However, knowing Woody, I knew that he’d cover both the good — and the bad. I’m happy to say that he’s done that. Along the way, he picked up two other MVPs to help. Asif and Bryan.

Help Your SharePoint User

One of the real challenges, from my perspective, with SharePoint designer is that the demos you see, the web casts, etc., are all the same features (HTML editing, workflow, and Data Views) so you can’t really see what the tool can do. The examples and articles are always fairly trivial. They don’t seem to punch through to the hard issues that you face when using SharePoint Designer to design a site and to build solutions for users. However, I’m happy to say that the book appears to do that.

If you’re trying to figure out how SharePoint Designer can help you design your SharePoint site, or build sites that are truly useful for your users, I’d recommend it.

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  1. Great artical, I have ttseed this between two libraries on same site and it works fine. I have another site for the IT department to use seperate to the general company site but I am unable to send a document from this site to the company site. It comes up with “Could not find the destination item or folder on this server” as per a lot of respondants. If anyone works out how to get around this, I would very much like to know. I suspect it would help a lot of people in the process.I note that one respondant asked how to secure the copy ( published ) document. I think the point of this exercise is to develop the documents in seperate controlled folders that have appropriate rights etc to allow contributions, one for each department in organisation as I intend to setup and then once the document has been approved for publishing, send it’ to a READ ONLY folder that houses the published documents, simple, at least that is my take on how this would work best.Ian

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