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Article: Performance Improvement – Session State

In the first part of this series a discussion was presented on what performance is, and some of the techniques that can be used to improve or monitor performance in your application. In this article the focus is specifically on managing session state and the things that you can do to maintain performance in your application.

There are two key areas to understand in session state management. First, you need to understand the options you have for maintaining session state. Second, you have to consider the different kinds of information that need to be managed in session state and how the different needs for maintaining session state impact how you might choose to manage it.


Just as we had to review some background concepts in order to understand the broad performance discussion, there are a few key concepts related to the communication between the client and the server. This includes the weight of the request in terms of the bytes transferred to the server and transferred from the server to the client. We’ll talk about the request/response weight as well as the benefits and weakness of various encryption techniques that may allow you to leverage the users’ machines for some session state management.

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