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Moving SharePoint Development Forward – p&p SPG

One of the things I like best about my work is that I get to work with some great people doing fun and interesting things. I can honestly say that in our small part of the universe we manage to push the ball forward. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference as well as other events – to try to share the things we’ve learned about how to develop scalable, maintainable, robust applications on the SharePoint Platform. One of the things that I have the most fun with is helping the Microsoft Patterns and Practices group put together their SharePoint Guidance. The first iteration we worked on basic collaborative applications. The second iteration (this one) we took a look at web content management scenarios and line of business integration.

Certainly I don’t expect that everyone can use all of the work that was done here – however, I expect that it’s more than worth your time to take a peruse through the materials. I know you’ll find at least one thing that you didn’t know or didn’t think of before. I know that because there were tons of things that I didn’t know about the platform – or hadn’t considered – that I learned.

Help Your SharePoint User

Go check out the latest version of the SharePoint Guidance from p&p

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  1. Agreed – this is a great resource. I’ve learnt a lot from it, mostly good ideas of how to architect a SharePoint solution.

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