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InfoPath contacted a data source but failed to receive data

I’m doing some testing on a form including some security testing. One of the things that I ran into was the following error (details shown):

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The form uses Universal Data Connections (UDCX). The user I’m testing doesn’t have write access to some of the reference lists. When I dug into the issue, I got tons of hits for Kerberos issues and some for the LSA Loopback check issue. However, the issue that I found was that my UDCX file included entries for update as well as reading the data. This was the default UDCX file that InfoPath created – take a look:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<?MicrosoftWindowsSharePointServices ContentTypeID=”0x010100B4CBD48E029A4ad8B62CB0E41868F2B0″?>
<udc:DataSource MajorVersion=”2″ MinorVersion=”0″ xmlns:udc=””>
<udc:Description>Format: UDC V2; Connection Type: SharePointList; Purpose: ReadOnly; Generated by Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 on 2009-10-19 at 07:55:36 by DEMO\Administrator.</udc:Description>
<udc:Type MajorVersion=”2″ MinorVersion=”0″ Type=”SharePointList”>
<udc:SubType MajorVersion=”0″ MinorVersion=”0″ Type=””/>
<udc:ConnectionInfo Purpose=”ReadOnly” AltDataSource=””>
<udc:ServiceUrl UseFormsServiceProxy=”false”/>
<udc:ServiceUrl UseFormsServiceProxy=”false”/>
<udc:FileName>Specify a filename or formula</udc:FileName>
<udc:FolderName AllowOverwrite=””/>
<!–udc:Authentication><udc:SSO AppId=” CredentialType=” /></udc:Authentication–>

All I did to resolve the problem was to remove the <udc:UpdateCommand/> tag so that the UDC didn’t have an update option. That didn’t in and of itself resolve the issue — but as soon as I reuploaded and checked in the UDC files they started working — the UDCs were not checked in in my connections library.  Doh!

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