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SharePoint Saturday Wrap Up and Thank You

Last Saturday, January 30th 2010, we did a SharePoint Saturday event here in Indianapolis. From the perspective of most folks it was a roaring success. Kevin Dostalek posted his recap already. David Petersen posted a few pictures before we got rolling. Woody Windischman, Chris Geier posted about their experiences and both Enrique Lima and Rob Wilson posted their slide decks.

For me I felt like I was in the center of the storm. Officially the SharePoint Users Group of Indiana executed the event. (i.e. the users group held the money) However, I can honestly say that my introduction to the steering committee was correct – I didn’t really feel like I did that much. In my conversations with the other members of the steering committee they felt largely the same way. That – to me – says a lot about the group of folks committed to making the event a success. We all compete for business in Indianapolis – and at the same time we worked together to deliver a community event that most people walked away from happy.

Help Your SharePoint User

I wanted to say thank you again to the sponsors: Ambassador, Apparatus, CDW, Idera, K2, Microsoft, SHI, Wrox. Without their generous support the event simply wouldn’t have been possible.

I also wanted to thank everyone for coming. A SharePoint event in Indianapolis with 372 registrations and 250 attendees should demonstrate what a great community we have in Indianapolis.

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