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What is SharePoint?

I vividly remember working the ask the experts floor in Orlando at Tech Ed 2007 and Tech Ed 2008. I remember a picture of people waiting four and five deep as a group of what must have been 10 of us including Microsoft employees and MVPs were trying to answer questions for customers. You see, the product was just starting to get a real buzz behind it and as a result more and more people were coming over and asking “What is SharePoint?” I also remember the struggle that even the experts had explaining what SharePoint really was.

As a part of the new writing for the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users 2010, I realized that there are still many folks – and many end users – who’ve never been introduced to what SharePoint is. So I spent some time to try to put together a thumbnail sketch of what SharePoint can be used for. The material is an appendix to the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide – but I’m making it available to everyone for free from the web site. My hope is that it will be something that folks can share with their users to help them understand what we mean when we talk about SharePoint.

Help Your SharePoint User

So go grab “What is SharePoint?” and let me know what you think.

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