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Conferences for the second half of 2010

I’m such a delinquent. I’ve got all of these great conferences that I’m doing the second half of the year and I’ve not had a chance to share what I’m up to.

First, I’ll be at SharePoint Saturday Columbus next weekend. I’m doing a session titled “Solution Creation for the IT Pro without Semicolons” — it’s a lot of fun to put away Visual Studio and show folks what can be done without compiling anything. I spent a year where I was in Columbus every week for a few days – so it will be good to get back over and visit with folks I’ve not seen in a while.

August 24th-27th I’ll be joining an absolutely stellar set of speakers at the Best Practices Conference SharePoint. I’m presenting a session titled “Making Development Design Decisions for SharePoint” and a session titled “Working Smartly with Workflow.” The first session is some of the things that didn’t fit into the SharePoint Guidance. Expect a raw look at the ways to look at making decisions on SharePoint. The second session will encompass more of the work from the SharePoint Guidance as well as work on the Microsoft Learning instructor lead course “Designing Applications for Microsoft SharePoint 2010” (10232). I’ll also be sharing my love – and hatred – for SharePoint workflow. I can honestly say that I’ve done things that no one else has done with Workflow. Some of it I won’t be doing again. Expect you’ll know what’s broken and what works when you walk out.

On October 20th, I’ll be delivering the first public session based on the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users 2010 at SPTechCon. In the session sub-titled “A day’s walk in SharePoint with the Shepherd” should be a lot of fun as we walk through the key things that end users need to do – and some cool things that folks don’t know that can be done. Later in the week I’ll be doing a presentation “Protecting your SharePoint Farm from Evil Developers” which is particularly humorous since I do mostly development. I aim to strike a balance between IT Pro needs and Developer needs. The Friday’s session is “Playing in the Sandbox: What an IT Admin Should Know” – We’ll tear apart the idea of the sandbox, figure out what goes where, and how it impacts the farm. In this session we’re focused on understanding how all of the pieces fit together. SPTechCon is a great place to go if you’re in charge of a SharePoint deployment in your organization and you don’t feel like you’re really up to the challenge – you’ll get what you need to be successful.

On November 1st, I get the distinct pleasure to share the stage with Eric Shupps. We’ll be delivering a SharePoint 2010 Professional Development Workshop at SharePoint Connections. This will be an action packed day of content as we try to cram the key things that you need to know to develop for SharePoint into a day. We’re skipping right over the basics and dropping you in the land of hard decisions as we walk you through whether you should put your data in a standalone SQL database or in SharePoint – and what it means no matter what you decide. I don’t know of another day session where you can grab two of the leading experts on SharePoint Development and drink from a fire hose of information.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to go to a national SharePoint conference – this year is the year. It’s some great content from the leading experts on SharePoint at all of the conferences.

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