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Quick Thought Videos – 10 Myths

One of the things that I hear fairly frequently is “that discussion was worth the price of admission.” Of course, the specific topics that folks are talking about change from presentation to presentation, however, the theme is the same. There are some conversations that are just so value they’re worth the entire presentation. In thinking how to address this I’ve decided to start posting some quick thoughts videos. They’ll be less than 10 minutes or so each and will cover whatever random topic I’ve heard folks say is valuable – or whatever topic folks are asking for. (Email me if you’ve got a topic that you want to see me talk about.)

The first quick thought is a revisit. I used to do a talk titled “The Top 10 Myths of SharePoint 2007.” I wanted to revisit this conversation from the context of SharePoint 2010 since some of the myths are still myths, some of them aren’t so “mythy” any longer, and some have been completely removed. I’ve posted a WMV version and a MP4 version. If you like it let me know.

Help Your SharePoint User

If the concept is well received I’ll spin up a separate vidcast feed so you can subscribe to them as they come out. Right now it’s just a test to see how well the face-to-face experience translates to video.

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