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Help with the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide

One of the things that The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2010 was specifically targeted at was getting users help when they needed it. That’s been fairly easy for our corporate licensees, if a user decided to do a search. They could search for something like adding a column and the Shepherd’s Guide topic would show up for them. However, one of the challenges has been that if the user chose to hit the help link on the page they’d get the generic SharePoint help and therefore wouldn’t have the benefit of the Shepherd’s Guide material. However, in SharePoint 2010 the help system is extensible. That means we were able to add our content into the help system and make it available via the integrated SharePoint help!

This week we’ll be delivering the help system for free to all of our corporate customers who purchased the Wiki version. We’re changing the Wiki version to be a Wiki + Help version which will include both the wiki files as well as the help system files.

Help Your SharePoint User

There’s more news on the Shepherd’s Guide front too. We’re finalizing work on the four half-day training class materials that training centers will be able to license on a per-user basis to be able to deliver the same high-quality material as is in the book – in a classroom style format. This means that organizations that have been struggling to find the right balance between training and resources — or struggling to find the right training materials to do their internal training will have the option of using the SharePoint Shepherd’s materials to train their users.

We’re continuing to try to improve the SharePoint experience for end users. If you’ve got an idea for what your users need, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

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