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Rounding out the set of solutions I’ve been playing with to get data from the File Classification Infrastructure into SharePoint – in a more flexible and supportable way – is a tool for importing files into SharePoint. This solution will read files from the file system and try to pickup optional metadata from a ~~metadata.xml file in the current directory (it follows the same format as the FCI2XML tool outputs.) The tool preserves the creator, creation date/time, last editor, and last edit time when uploading the file. It doesn’t worry about security or versions – but it’s a simple way to import files into SharePoint in a hierarchy.

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  1. The sole rseaon we found for using folders in SP2007 was for permissions. For example, we have a library which contains files from 4 divisions, and wanted someone from Division A to only see files from that Division. To accomplish this we set up 4 Division folders, with distinct permissions on each. Our default view displays the data without folders, to allow senior management to view data across divisions in one fell swoop. We were hoping that SP2010 would allow for setting permissions based on a Division metadata column rather that on a folder, but we are told this is not the case. Is there a better way of accomplishing this in SP2010?

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