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Article: Strategies for Integrating SharePoint into Your Learning Strategy

Like it or not, 2 out of every 3 organizations are using SharePoint, Microsoft’s unstoppable platform for communications, collaboration and information management. SharePoint can be a great tool for learning organizations and it represents potential competition for a learning portal. The good news is that SharePoint’s array of options for integration that make it an ideal platform to marry up with an existing Learning Management System (LMS).

Without an LMS
Perhaps you’re just starting to get your programs off the ground and you don’t have an LMS in place.  SharePoint has a series of options for you.  You can start with the SharePoint Learning Kit ( ) which supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.  The basic features such as managing assignments, individual classes and training programs are supported.  While there are certainly richer for-pay options which bolt on to SharePoint, you can get your feet wet with a SharePoint based LMS virtually for free.  The SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) is free and will even run on SharePoint Foundation so you don’t need a separate license to use it.

Help Your SharePoint User

The for-fee SharePoint based LMS tools add more types of quizzes, surveys and better administration tools for a price.  The good news is that from a price-perspective the SharePoint based LMS solutions tend to have lower costs because they do not have to make investments into basic document and list management, security or portal features – all that comes “for free” from the platform.

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