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Free Access to the SharePoint Tutor 2007 Edition

Since 2008 we’ve been selling the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users – and the associated corporate license now known as the SharePoint Tutor. We’ve been blessed by numerous customers and have appreciated the partnership with them to be able to educate their users on how to use SharePoint better. Of course, since 2010 we’ve been selling a SharePoint 2010 version of the guide and of the tutor.

Over the last several months we’ve noticed that some customers are still stuck on 2007 and struggling to be effective, however, they know that they want to upgrade and so they’re reluctant to purchase training materials for SharePoint 2007. We understand. So we made the decision a few weeks ago to make the 2007 version of the tutor available publicly from our site. Since the decision we had to take care of a few things.

First, we’re proud to run the SharePoint Shepherd’s site – and my Thor Projects blog – on SharePoint 2010. We believe that we’re leveraging the product – just like you need to. Second, the 2007 edition of the guide was built for a 2007 version of SharePoint. So we wanted to convert the contents over to a 2010 version. We did this with the help of Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint. We quickly and easily took a Wiki site from 2007 into an Enterprise Wiki for 2010. (This is my hint that they have a good product if you missed that.)

Help Your SharePoint User

Third, we had to link all the videos to the contents in the wiki. We used a different strategy than we did in 2007 – we used the ability in 2010 to embed video on the page. In fact, you’ll find the video above the step-by-step instructions on each topic.

So here’s your access to the SharePoint Tutor 2007. I expect that within weeks (with the help of your links) the content will be indexed by the major search engines and you’ll be able to see the high quality content we’re continuing to develop for SharePoint.

The 2010 version of the tutor will still be for sale for corporations that realize the value of having a comprehensive, consistent set of materials for their users. We believe that with each version of the tutor we drive the quality bar higher and our customers seem to agree.


  1. Great reference information that explains things in a user friendly manner!

  2. These look to be a great resource since we are still on 2007. I hope to use selected one in some upcoming training for our new users. Thanks!

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