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Users Group Giveaways from the SharePoint Shepherd

As a user’s group leader myself, I know how difficult it can be to get giveaways for the meetings and how giveaways helps to get folks to come out that in addition to great presenters, good company, and cold pizza. The SharePoint Shepherd’s officially starting a program for US-based SharePoint Users Groups to support them with products for giveaways. We’ll be providing free books and DVDs for groups based on their size and meeting frequency. If you’re interested in some free swag sign up at: Please DO share this link with your other SharePoint Users Group friends. We want to share the love as much as we can.

We’re asking for your mailing address as well as details on the group so that we can mail you things. You’ll want to make sure that the address you provide is where you want the goodies shipped to. We’re also asking for your meeting frequency and the average number of folks that attend. We’re doing that to make sure if you’ve got a large group that we’re sending you enough goodies to keep everyone happy.

Help Your SharePoint User

Thank you for your support of the community.

– Rob Bogue, The SharePoint Shepherd, [email protected]

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