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Special Announcement – Free Gift when you attend SPTechCon in Boston

As has been advertised, I’ll be doing a keynote presentation at SPTechCon in Boston in just over two weeks. I’ll be talking about SharePoint Psychology. I’m excited because it’s going to allow me to talk openly about how you can “unstick” SharePoint in your organization. Whether that “unsticking” is getting to governance or getting folks to use it. There are so many simple things that you can do to get past what seem to be immovable barriers.

However, I’m also excited because I was able to work out a deal with my friends at BZMedia to give every single attendee a copy of my Nine Keys to SharePoint Success DVD. Whether you’ve seen the blog post series or heard my interview on RunAs Radio, you realize that these nine keys are essential to success in your SharePoint deployment. That’s why I’m so glad that we’re able to offer this $99 DVD to everyone that attends. The DVD is setup so you can play it on a regular DVD player so you’ll be able to take it back to your office and have a lunch session while everyone watches. (The DVD is 57 minutes in length so it’s a perfect lunch time video.)

Help Your SharePoint User

Of course, you can still use the discount code BOGUE when you register for a $200 discount off the regular registration price for SPTechCon. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Boston. Just look for the man with the Shepherd’s Crook.

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