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Article: Secure Search Can Protect Your Sensitive Information

Two guys walk into an office. The first one asks, “Do you know what’s different between searching the Internet and searching your intranet?” The second one exclaims “Just about everything!” Sometimes it can seem like everything that you know about searching on the Internet just doesn’t apply to your intranet. You expect when you search the Internet you’ll find something. (It may not be the right thing but that’s not relevant right now.)

eDiscovery activities can leverage search to dig up more dirt than a Caterpillar convention. Do you want to know the best data discovery tool that auditors have right now? It’s your search engine. You’ve already indexed the content. All they need is an account and they can find any piece of information that you didn’t want found by just anyone in the organization. Maybe they’re searching for credit card numbers for a PCI audit, or social security numbers for a PII audit, whatever it is the search tools are going to find it. And yet, when you want to find something you’re left out in the cold.

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