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SharePoint or Point Solution: The Need for Point Solutions – Part 1

I’m doing a series of blog posts on the Colligo blog. The first installment is live… here’s the first paragraph:

When you go through the process of implementing a core system (e.g. ERP system) for your business, you assume this system can meet all of your needs, but rarely does the implementation in your organization match the utopia you hope for. In this first of a series of three blog posts, we’re going to compare the benefits of purchasing a series of so called “point solutions” to tack on to the core system – or whether SharePoint may be the right answer for your situation.

Help Your SharePoint User

Our first stop on this journey is exploring the need for point solutions. We’re going to explore the causes for core systems not meeting every need. We’ll also explorer how to identify where the gaps are in what your core system does today.

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