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Which SharePoint Site Template Do You Believe Will Be Created the Most?

We’re putting the finishing touches on the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for 2013 and I was trying to figure out the best way to point users to the right site template to use. As a part of that I decided that it would be fun to stack rank order the site templates that will be used the most – so that I know where to position them on the decision tree. Here’s my order from most frequently to least frequently used:

Help Your SharePoint User
  1. Team Site
  2. Project Site
  3. Publishing Site
  4. Publishing Site with Workflow
  5. Enterprise Wiki
  6. Blog
  7. Business Intelligence Center
  8. Community Site
  9. Records Center
  10. eDiscovery Center
  11. Document Center
  12. Community Portal
  13. Enterprise Search Center
  14. Basic Search Center
  15. My Site Host
  16. Developer Site
  17. Product Catalog
  18. Visio Process Repository

Do you agree with this order? — Or do you have your own?


  1. Hey, interesting post. But why not just let people vote and summarize the results. For example I use only Business Intelligence template

  2. We have IT Support and CRM that are on the top of our list of applications, although our Intranet Portal the newest app. is receiving lots of attention.

  3. This looks pretty accurate to me. In our environment team site is by far the leader. Publishing site would be a bit lower in the list for us although the Publishing feature is enabled on many sites.

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