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Technology for Great Video (and Audio) Recordings

Having spoken about my video studio (Video Studio, Tele-Prompter-Scope) and the DVDs that I have created I often get asked questions about how much I’ve spent and what I’m using. I’ve had fun sharing what works – and what doesn’t with friends and colleagues. I’ve put together a session that I’m doing called Recording Technology for Outstanding Online Content that will be walking folks through what they need to know about recording technology so they can speak like an expert – and more importantly make informed decisions about what’s important – and what’s not. To support that I put together a word document with my recommendations (available here) and an Amazon store called Studio Recommendations. The cool thing is that I’ve broken the recommendations into three categories. The first category is super-cheap and will cost just over $500. The mid-level costs around $1,500 and the high quality is just around $6,800.

The goal with all of this was to create a way to focus on only those things that you needed in a studio to get good quality recordings. Here’s my big tip. Audio is much harder to get right than video. You can basically flood a room with light and use a mid-level consumer grade video camera and your video will look good. Getting the audio right takes knowing what you’re capturing and how you’re going to get it.

I’d love feedback on my recommendations and to hear your stories about how you’re getting great video.

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