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Creating an Employee Birthday Calendar with SharePoint

There are times when SharePoint allows you to do things super quick and easy. If you’re in a small organization and you’re looking to create an employee birthday calendar, it’s easy. You add the person to a calendar and set a recurring event for every year. The problem with this is that as your organization grows and you get to a few hundred people, SharePoint will suddenly start generating an error when users go to the list. This is an unfortunate side effect of how recurring events are processed.

With several of our clients facing this issue we built a new approach to managing birthday calendars that works at any scale from the two person and a dog organization to organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees. We put together a guide to how to create an employee birthday calendar – which can also be used for employee anniversaries or anything else where you need events to recur on a repeating interval. Click here to get the white paper: Creating an Employee Birthday Calendar.

Help Your SharePoint User

The guide is in the style of the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide – that is that it’s built with instructional design tenants in place and is designed to be easy to follow – but it is substantially longer than any of our 121 tasks that end users want to do. If you like the guide on how to create an employee birthday calendar, we’d love for you to check out some of the other resources that we have available.


  1. So you can only have one birthday per month? If I try to enter more than one birthday for a single month it says this value already exists in the list. Same for B-Days on the same day, different months.

    • You must have set unique values on your month field.

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