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Quote of the Day Web Part for SharePoint and Office 365

A client of mine wanted a quote of the day web part on their Intranet – with two twists. First, they’re on Office 365, so they had to use something out of the box. No custom code. Second, they wanted the quote to be pretty – that means having an image.

After some work I located a feed from TheySaidSo. Their images feed is available at All I needed to do was plug this into the SharePoint RSS Viewer and set a few options.

I set the feed limit to 1 and checked the box to show both the feed title and description (see below).

Help Your SharePoint User

Quote of the Day Tool Pane

When I did this, I got the image from the feed. I decided to do a few enhancements to the XSLT that the web part uses to display the image, and ultimately ended up with what you see here:

Quote of the Day

The image and the text of the quote are provided by the feed. Pretty cool and pretty easy.

If you want my .Webpart file so you can import this into your SharePoint environment, it’s available here (it’s in the ZIP file).

If you don’t know how to use a .webpart file, you might want to check out The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users.


  1. the link above seems to be broken. can you help. ?

    • Thanks for the head’s up. The link should be fixed now.

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