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Article: The Actors in Training Development: Business Owners

Any training process starts with a business need. That is, someone in the business wants or needs their employees to be more productive than they currently are and looks to training or a job aid to generate that productivity. The business owner is that person, who starts the process of improving productivity.

In this series on the actors in training development, we’re walking through the roles in the process and why they’re important. Ultimately, training services the needs of a business. Training needs a champion, and that champion has to own the development of training by providing funding, gentle guidance and sometimes a swift kick to keep it moving. The business owner role is the genesis of the training project and the person with whom we start.

What Is a Business Owner?

Literally, a “business owner” can be the owner of a business, but in the training development process, the business owner is the person who is responsible for the need and who typically has the budget to support the development of training. They ultimately set the goals and decide whether the progress made with the training meets the goals they set. As the final arbiter of what they want and believe they need, they’re the ultimate customer, but likely not the ultimate consumer, of the training.

Part of the series, the Actors in Training Development. Read more…

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