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Article: The Actors in Training Development: Distribution Specialists

The dull murmur of instructors and students casually chatting before a class begins has been replaced by the hum of server fans and air conditioning in computer rooms. The instructor standing in front of a class has been replaced by the flow of packets from faraway servers to the student’s computer. It’s the distribution specialists who keep these connections flowing and the servers humming along.

What Is a Distribution Specialist?

Distribution specialists are the professionals who keep the learning platform running so that students can access the materials. While this role is dramatically different than a frontline, in-the-trenches role, it has the important goal of distributing content. Distribution specialists have a radically different skill set than instructors. Where instructors are skilled in instruction and facilitation, distribution specialists may not be comfortable when placed in front of a class.

Part of the series, the Actors in Training Development. Read more…

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