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Using the Copy Link Feature

There are various ways to send a link in SharePoint. This step-by-step will walk you through the process of creating a link to a folder. We want to send this link to people who already have access to the folder but might not remember where it is or how to get there.

1.    In a web browser, navigate to the SharePoint site with the folder you want to share. The site’s home page will open.

2.    In the Suite bar, in the upper-right hand corner of the page, click the gear icon. The actions menu will open.

3.    Click Site contents. (If available, you can also navigate to Site Contents by clicking Site Contents in the Quick Launch.) The Site Contents page will open.

4.    Click the name of the library that has the folder you want to share. The library’s default view will open.

Figure 1: The Library App’s Default View

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5.    To the left of the folder you want to share, click the checkmark. That folder will be selected.

Figure 2: The Selected Folder

6.    In the command bar, click Copy link. You can also click the ellipsis control to the right of the item’s name to open the menu, then click Copy link. The Copy link menu will appear.

Figure 3: The Copy Link Menu

7.    By default, most sites are set up so that Anyone with the link can view and edit. (If guest access is not allowed for your site, the default permission will read People in [your organization] with the link can view and edit.) Click Anyone with the link can view and edit to change the permission settings. The Copy Link menu will change to show Link Settings.

Figure 4: The Link Settings Menu

8.    Because we need to send the folder’s link to people who already have permissions, click People with existing access.

9.    Click Apply. The Copy Link menu will collapse, and a new link will be created for people who already have access.

Figure 5: The Link for People Who Already Have Access Created

10.    Even though the link is automatically copied to your clipboard, you can click Copy to manually copy the link to the clipboard again. You can now paste the link in hyperlinks or in the body of documents or emails.

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