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Conflict Resolution and Infection Prevention

Conflict is a natural part of life. We learn to resolve conflict so that we can be a part of the human condition that is designed to be social – so that we can be in relationship with others despite the conflict. In the emotionally-laden environment of healthcare, conflict consumes significant time and energy for the IP. In this brief conversation, we’ll explain the foundations of conflict resolution. Effective conflict resolution and communication skills can transform organizational culture and leadership and improve efficiency, reduce preventable errors and adverse events, and improve staff and patient satisfaction.

Rob and I are presenting Conflict Resolution for the Infection Preventionist: Improving Collaboration and Patient Outcomes at the national APIC convention in Minneapolis on Tuesday, June 13th. APIC is always an exciting conference to present at and attend. As infection preventionist there are so many opportunities to improve patient outcomes. The magic comes when you can improve patient outcomes and not add burden to the rest of the healthcare team. This transformation requires compromise to find ways to deliver the level of care that creates the best outcomes for patients in a sustainable and time effective manner.

Together we can eliminate healthcare associated infections.

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