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Now Available: Integrated Office 365 Identity Using Azure AD Connect White Paper

We’ve just released a few more white papers that we want to share with you. The first is our Integrated Office 365 Identity Using Azure AD Connect white paper. It describes in depth the process of using Azure AD Connect to allow users to sign into Office 365 with the same username and password as what they use to sign into their local computers and corporate resources.

We detail some of the assumptions made before you start the process, describing the need for a healthy Active Directory environment as well which infrastructure changes you’ll need to be able to make. We’ll also discuss the key points of how Office 365’s identity integration feature works, such as the role of Azure Active Directory Services and how authentication is performed for various scenarios. Then we go into the steps of the process itself, from preparation to tenant creation to Azure AD Connect installation. We’ve even provided a step-by-step tutorial for creating an Office 365 tenant, in case you don’t already have one ready.

If you have a single Active Directory forest and are looking forward to working with Office 365, this is the white paper for you. Get the white paper right now by clicking the link below.

Get the Integrated Office 365 Identity Using Azure AD Connect white paper

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