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Now Available: Office 365 Authentication Using ADFS White Paper

Last week, I posted about our two newest white papers, and I provided a link to the first. The second, Office 365 Authentication Using ADFS, is now available. It takes the information introduced in the Integrated Office 365 Identity Using Azure AD Connect white paper and builds on that knowledge. This white paper discusses what to do if you have more than one Active Directory forest or need enhanced authentication scenarios beyond the scope of the Azure AD Connect options.

We provide some background information about how claim-based authentication works, including what trusted identity providers are, single sign-on vs. same sign-on, and different types of claims. We also discuss the importance of fault tolerance before delving into the phases and steps of implementing ADFS for your Office 365 authentication.

If you’re looking to use Office 365 but need more advanced authentication options than Azure AD Connect can provide, take a look at the white paper.

Get the Office 365 Authentication Using ADFS white paper

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