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Change Inspired Launch

We are excited to share our speaking and teaching in one spot to make it easier to engage us for your next event. Change Inspired is the new home of our keynote speaking enterprise. The name really does tell it all, but we can take a moment to look at the meanings of “change” and “inspire” and get some clarity on the impact we bring to our audiences.

Change is the act or instance of making or becoming different. Inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something. When combined, Change Inspired is the catalyst we share that fills audiences with the urge and ability to become different, to heal and grow.

Our passion is to share our knowledge and experience and help others live the life they dream of, a life where effectiveness and self-compassion is the everyday norm and the pain of burnout and fear of conflict have no place. We have presented to large and small groups around the globe and want to share our unique mix of energy, compassion, and innovation with you. Together, we are able to make life-changing topics both entertaining and impactful.

Our primary topics include “Creating Constructive Conflict” and “Extinguish Burnout to Ignite Engagement.” These topics can be adjusted to meet the needs of your group and customized to include details of the world they live in to help make the solutions both feel achievable and come to life in their own environments.

Current statistics show that approximately 50% of Americans suffer from burnout and 85% of employees deal with conflict on some level. These topics have become critical not only to the people involved but to businesses and society in general. Together, we can make the keynote session of your event not only entertaining but one that people look back on and see that it changed their life.

At Change Inspired, you can learn more about us, Rob and Terri, review videos of our presentations, and current topics that are being presented. You can see the corporate audiences and conferences we have presented to as well as what audiences have said about us. There are links to our other websites, including the soon to be launched Extinguish Burnout website. Visit us today and let us know when we can help make your event the event of a lifetime.

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