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Announcing MER Immerse Online

I’m pleased to announce the launch of MER Immerse Online, a suite of on-demand courses designed to help you be successful in your information governance career. From foundations of change management and eDiscovery to deep dives into information management, this online education was developed by industry leaders and accredited experts. With dozens of hours of content, you’ll learn at your own pace, unconstrained by a fixed format or geographical limitations.

Here’s just a sample of the courses you can find now or soon on MER Immerse Online:

As part of the launch, we’re offering our Introduction to Change Management course entirely for free. This short course will give you a brief overview of how to do change management as well as allowing you to sample the rich content you’ll experience with MER Immerse Online.

For more information and to sign up for the FREE Introduction to Change Management course, just click the links below.

Go to MER Immerse Online

Get the FREE Introduction to Change Management course

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