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Deidentifying Data White Paper Now Available

For those who work with community organizations, you’re likely to come into contact with data that contains personally identifiable information (PII).  Depending upon the sensitivity of the information and how the PII is connected to the rest of the mission of the organization, you may need to deidentify the data prior to sharing more broadly.  In large organizations, this is often a part of the overall processing, but for community organizations and other smaller entities, there may not be a sophisticated way of handling the data – and a simple, Excel based approach may be warranted.

In the Deidentifying Data” white paper we just released, we show you how to deidentify data so that you can still match it with other data – while ensuring that it’s not possible for others to obtain the PII from the information that’s been deidentified.  (Or even confirm that their guesses are correct.)

If you’re concerned about the PII you’re keeping and you want to share the non-PII with identifiers replaced, this is what you need.

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