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Moving from How to What: Website Relaunch

Thor Projects is entering into its 18th year of business.  Throughout our history, we’ve focused on communicating “how” we get things done.  We’ve focused on our software development, courseware development, and other specific things that we’d do.  However, over time, we’ve realized that the executives that we were working with didn’t really care.  They care about the results that we can deliver for them.

We just recently rebuilt the entire website.  Instead of focusing on industries we serve or the “how,” we shifted to communicating the outcomes.  Businesses today are having trouble retaining employees and, importantly, engaging employees.  We’ve been addressing this issue for years by fixing burnout, improving conflict resolution, and, more recently, enabling empathetic conversations.  Organizations want to achieve better outcomes.  Most don’t know what’s wrong and need someone to evaluate their programs, get support for their success, and plan for performance.  It’s not just that there’s not enough time, there’s a need to better understand what has worked for other organizations.

We live in a world of constant change and that demands organizations be agile and to continuously transform themselves.  We’ve been helping organizations be more confident in their changes, modernize their technology infrastructure and operationalize change throughout the organization.

What’s rather intentionally missing is the power of the Microsoft 365 platform, including Viva, Teams, and SharePoint, as well as the most widely-used client applications on the planet.  We don’t cover the ability to develop custom software, leverage the Power Platform, or help manage multi-cloud solutions.  These are the “how” of “what” we do.  They’re the details we can discuss when customers are ready to engage.

You’ll also notice that we’re not enumerating the industries that we’ve served.  There’s not a mention of the powerful solutions that we’ve implemented in healthcare, financial services, government, and manufacturing – to name a few.  Every industry is different, and we know that through the work we’ve done.  If we can’t communicate that we can help you and your organization get the “what” they want, then the industry doesn’t matter.

The Connection

One of the challenges of our previous messaging is it was too complex.  People didn’t understand what we stood for.  They could see all of the activity, but a clear picture wasn’t emerging.  There’s a reason.  We were talking about the various “hows” but the message isn’t clear until you look at what we were doing.  We have and will continue to help organizations be successful.  Sometimes, that leads us down paths that seem odd, but the destination is always the same.

We’re proud of the results our clients have seen.  One client reduced their rework from 92% to less than 20% in a single year.  That’s about changing the process – and implementing the technology to support it.  Clients have processed millions of documents through the document pipelines we’ve engineered.  The results are more reliable delivery of responses and faster answers. Dozens of clients have seen how we can take a languishing division or product line and revitalize it.  Finally, we have a website that starts to explain how we help organizations be better.

The Complex Made Simple

The new website features an explosion of a watch in the header.  It’s a subtle message.  If you look at the inner workings of a watch, it seems chaotic.  However, it’s not.  It’s just complicated.  Someone needs to understand how to put it together and how the pieces fit.  However, for most people, using a watch is simple – you simply need to know how to read the time.  This is an analog for what we do.  (Pun intended.)  We take apart the back end, the internal components, so that we can make things work simply enough that our customers can tell time by looking at the face.  No one must know “how” we make it work – they only need to know that we will make it work.

We’d love your feedback about the new site – and the focus on what we can do for you rather than how we do things.  If you still want to know the how, we frequently publish white papers that explain this.

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