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SharePoint Search Workshops from Mondosoft

I have the great pleasure of having been invited to help Mondosoft deliver its SharePoint Search Workshops in some cities across the US.  In fact, both Bob Mixon and I will be doing select events for Mondosoft.  We haven’t finalized which events Bob or I will be doing as of just yet, however, I can say that I’ll be attending (not presenting) in Chicago this Thursday August 16th.  It’s my opportunity to work with Mondosoft’s presenters to learn the content they’ve put together in order to help registrants better understand how Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) Search works.

In my opinion, search is one of the misunderstood features of MOSS.  There’s so much power in the engine and relatively speaking very little of that power makes it to the surface in the user interface.  That is why these events are compelling.   You can learn more about how SharePoint works and what the out of box user interface doesn’t surface.

Help Your SharePoint User

If you want to see if there’s an event coming to a city near you – or if you want to register for one of the events go to

I look forward to meeting you at one of these events soon.

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