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Several of the folks I know, including Joel and the SharePoint Product Team started posting “calendars” as text in a blog post. That was entertaining because I was just getting ready to do the same thing to talk about the conferences I’d be at and the presentations I’d be giving. However, I realized that we’ve got the same problem with calendars as we have with most content, it’s scattered all over the internet. So I created a SharePoint Calendar that has all of the major events that I could find. I’ve added an email alias that you can send requests for calendar updates to. (My assistant will process these for now, if we get enough activity I’ll automate the system.)

Once we get a few people linking to their entries in the calendar I’ll put a web part on the page that will provide a set of links to pages linking to the event (so you can see who’s presenting what at the event)

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With a little luck we’ll end up with one calendar for SharePoint stuff.

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  1. Abel Kabiru
    Abel Kabiru says:

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    Abel Kabiru
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