The Best of the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2008 – Chicago

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of presenting two sessions at the “Best of” Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2008 in Chicago. The invitation only event was for larger Microsoft clients. We had about 300 people in attendance. I delivered two sessions:

The above links go to the presentation decks that I used for the presentations.

Help Your SharePoint User

There are a few interesting things about the conference. First, in my governance session I got asked about how to create a taxonomy. My response was first the creator/consumer conversation (I’ll blog in detail on that in a bit.) The additionally response was that there were two other folks that were talking about Taxonomy. The first is Mark Schneider and the second is Bob Mixon. I’ve talked about taxonomy creation as well, but not much publically. I did mention the book Organising Knowledge — which is the best taxonomy book that I’ve ever run across.

It was also interesting because Joel Oleson, Asif Rehmani, and I sat down to chat. You could have easily thought we would have talked about SharePoint Governance, SharePoint Designer, or SharePoint in general. Although the topic came up, we mostly talked about religion. Joel is a Mormon, I’m a protestant Christian, and Asif is an Ismaili Muslim. The really cool thing about this is that all of us have such great respect for one another that we could have a conversation where we were discovering what we each believed — without any of us getting the slightest bit upset.