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Video Content Creation

We live in a video age where workers are watching video on their way in to work on the train or bus. We get most of our factual news from the written word but we become more engaged emotionally with video. We can hear the passion and intonation in the voice. We can see the body language and gestures that we cannot see in writing.


We’ve been doing video production for years. In our studio we have many custom tools for improving the speed at which we can create content and the effectiveness of the result. We efficiently create motivational and educational videos that send your messages in a way that cannot be done another way. Check out our YouTube Channel to see more about the kind of content that we’re creating in the studio.



The video studio includes four high definition cameras and a preview system which allows you to see the view of every camera as well as how the end result might look. We have a variety of backgrounds including the ability to use chroma keying to make it appear as if you’re anywhere in the world, we can set the scene.

We also have the ability to do live streaming so that you can do town hall meetings, live webinars, or other events where a recorded video isn’t the right answer.

The real secret to great video isn’t video at all. It’s audio. The studio has two shotgun microphones and two wireless lapel microphones as well as an impressive amount of sound deadening to get the most pristine audio possible.

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