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Thor Projects is a content creation house for technology, business acumen, engagement, health care acquired infection prevention, and patient/family centered care. We pride ourselves on helping our clients discover what is right for you and your business – and what is not. We’re not afraid to try something new or to apply an approach that works in a different industry with our clients.


Kinds of Content

Whether we’re writing white papers, articles, or books, we know that we have to create content that engages our students in the learning process. We believe that our greatest mission is to support and educate others. That’s why we spend so much of our time creating content that engages and educates. We believe engagement is required for true education.

Whether it’s a single skill that we’re teaching or a sweeping vision of how to work with a technology or prevent health care acquired infections, we deliver compelling compositions that tell a story with words. The medium isn’t the message, but the medium influences the message. When we’re building presentations we are better able to leverage aesthetics and design to complete the message and the emotional connection which drives engagement. We bring elegant illustration and beautiful imagery to bear on the challenge of getting people to embrace the conversation.

Written Content

The written word still has amazing power to captivate readers.  Take a look at how we can create compelling written content.

Video Content

Written content is fine but it can’t always convey the nuance and emotion of a situation.  We’re experts in the creation of engaging video content.

Grateful Clients

We’re grateful for the trust that our clients have placed in us to create their most important content over the years. And that they continuously come back for more.

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