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Written Content


Written Content Creation

Everyone can write. The question is can someone write in a way that accomplishes your objective? Writing for different purposes requires different styles of writing. Writing marketing copy is filled with hyperbole and emotion. Writing for education is focused on clear progression of learning and repetition. Supporting performance requires the ability to create clear visuals that can be grasped and used quickly.


Educational Writing

Having written over 25 books and published various articles designed to educate technical, business, and healthcare professionals, we know how to communicate and educate effectively. If you’re looking for a large scale education project to train your workforce, to educate your customers, or simply to illuminate your ideas, we know how to get your point across.

Productivity Enhancement

We’re focused on finding ways to improve productivity in organizations. Sometimes that’s step-by-step instructions like can be found in the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users. Sometimes it’s a one-page guide that can be tacked up to cubicle walls. Other times the right way to improve performance is to help users make decisions with a decision tree.

We believe that the right answer is the answer that fits the organization. That’s why we generate content that fits rather than following a rigid formula.

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