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Preparing for SharePoint Advisor Live! Las Vegas April 9th-12th

I’m just sitting down to get some work done on my presentations for SharePoint Advisor Live! in Las Vegas April 9th-12th and thought I should share with everyone the three sessions I’ll be doing…

Help Your SharePoint User
  • Get your SharePoint Project Started Right : SharePoint projects are often lost in enthusiasm and don’t have the requirements gathering they need to succeed. Learn how to get the requirements you need to have a successful project. Find out about techniques for clarifying terminology and for getting the most out of prototyping. Learn real world tips for recovering from bad requirements. Whether your project has already started and is off track or you’re just getting started and are already concerned, this session will help you be successful. You’ll take home a worksheet that will let you make sure you get all the important requirements for your SharePoint project.
  • Use SharePoint Portal Server Search to Find All of the Information in your Organization : Locked away in the files on your file servers, in your ERP systems, and in your custom written applications is the collective knowledge of the organization. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) can peer into these repositories to collect all of that knowledge and make it accessible to you. Learn how to enable SPS to search all the information in the organization. Learn the details of how SharePoint search works and how to configure it. Learn how to create advanced search criteria in SPS. If you’re struggling with search, then you need to come here to learn how to get control of it.
  • SharePoint Backup and Restore : Critical information goes into SharePoint each day. Recovering that information in the event of a “disaster” is essential. Learn how to back up the information so you can recover it. Learn about the out-of-the-box backup solutions as well as the third party options for backing up your SharePoint data. After you have fundamental backup options, you’ll also learn to create a backup strategy that allows you the most recovery options. You can’t afford to loose your data so you can’t afford to miss this session on the ways to recover from a “disaster.” Take home a solid understanding of the backup options and their benefits and weaknesses.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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