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An odd little quirk about not installing VB the first time through

One of the things I’m doing right now is evaluating DotNetNuke 4.02 … So I install it in my VPC and It doesn’t show up.  I think about it and realize that I didn’t install Visual Basic when I installed Visual Studio 2005.  Of course, I couldn’t think of any reason why I’d need it.

Sidebar: I’d love to use WSS V3 for this but the site has to be up much sooner than I’ll be able to get a “go live“ license.  I’m investigating several alternatives with an eye to being able to make the change later.

I go back in and install it and then go back to try to find the templates for .NET nuke (starter kits more appropriately).  I still can’t see them.  I learn about the VSI format (think SharePoint CAB deployment packages using ZIP instead of CAB) and the .vscontent files.  Cool stuff… After several reinstallations it is still not showing up.

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I take a step back and realize that the only web templates I have showing up are C# web templates.  Doh.  Something must be wrong with the installation.  It thinks that I don’t want to do VB … since DotNetNuke is VB… I can’t see it.

I’m trying a repair now … if that doesn’t work I get to uninstall and reinstall VS.2005 to be able to evaluate DotNetNuke.

[Update: It’s an odd interface quirk… I had to select one of the VS templates to enable the language selection lower in the dialog … I love stuff like this.]

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