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Updates on the Monster Server Project – Drive Jumpers

Yes, it really was the end of March when I posted the first note about all of the things going on with my monster server – and I just today wne and fixed a few things. Just in case anyone’s wondering I’m busy ;)

I just wanted to mention that the issue I noted where the SATA drives were communicating at 1.5GB instead of 3GB was my fault. I forgot to remove the jumper on the drives. The folks at Enhance Technology told me this the day after I made my post in March but I just got a chance to take the server down to make the fix. Now I have a pretty page that shows me that they’re operating at 3.0GB.

I’ve not done as much with the system other than some basics because I’ve got a few connectivity issues I’ve not had time to resolve. However, it’s definitely doing what I asked it to do – which is run reliably.

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