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Book Review-Who Moved My Cheese?

On the spectrum of easy to access compared to academic reading, Who Moved My Cheese? is a clearly on the end of easy to access. The book centers on a story with two mice (Sniff and Scurry) and two “littlepeople” (Hem and Haw). The story is a fable designed to teach how different approaches to change are healthier than others. Perhaps the greatest value in the book is that because it’s so easy to read it can be given to every employee as a reading assignment. It’s less than 100 pages so in a few hours most people will have it read.

Change happens. There are times when I’d swear that our world is spinning faster and faster – even though I know this can’t be true. Despite our intellectual awareness that change is a part of life today still some resist. Some members of your organization will steadfastly deny that your market is changing, your competitors are changing. Once the change becomes impossible to ignore some bemoan the change. No one told me. It’s not my fault that the world changed. I shouldn’t be held accountable.

If you’re trying to get the entire organization to realize how change isn’t the problem. If you’re trying to get them to see how their attitudes and behaviors are the problem, then you may find that Who Moved My Cheese? is the right change for you.

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