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Secret SWAG

Next week at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I’m starting a new giveaway – and I want you to be a part of it. I had a custom coin made. The coin shows Thor Projects on one side, and The SharePoint Shepherd on the other – more or less the two different sides of my world and personality. It looks like this:

This is intended to be a giveaway for folks who interact with me during presentations. If you ask a question, I want to give you one. I won’t explain what it is in the session. I plan to hand it over and keep moving on. Clearly, as I’ve said, it’s a coin. I found myself flipping a coin like this over and over in my hands on calls and while I was bored and decided that you should be able to get one as well.

Help Your SharePoint User

Because you’re reading my blog, I want to extend a special offer to you (and to your friends you want to disclose the offer to) – if you come up to me and hand me a business card, I’ll hand you one of the coins. I’m only going to do this at the SharePoint Conference. After the conference you’ll have to interact during a presentation to get one – here’s why.

Anyone who has one of the coins can mail it back to me for a $25 discount off of any of the DVDs that we sell. That’s right, $25. Why would I do this? Well, I value people interacting in my sessions more than you know. It makes the presentations fun for me – and everyone else. I also value you because you are reading my blog and keeping connected. By the way, if you’re not signed up for the SharePoint Shepherd newsletter – you should do that. We offer some sort of a special offer every month through that list. I’ll make an even more impressive deal to that list in a month or two – so you’ll want to make sure you get one.

One other detail, coins are heavy. I’m only bringing a few with me to the conference, so you’ll want to hit me up early to get yours. My session – “Using TypeScript to Build apps for Office and SharePoint” is Wednesday morning at 10:30. I follow that up with an AvePoint theatre presentation at 12:45 and then two book signings. I don’t expect that I’ll have any coins left by the time I’m done, so look for the Shepherd’s staff earlier in the week and get yours.

Thanks for your continued support


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  1. Oh man! I want a coin (not for the discount, the coin is just cool!) but am not going to SPC12.

    Want to come speak at one of my user group meetings?


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