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Article: Size and Scale of SharePoint 2013 in the Desert

At the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 being held in the desert in Las Vegas, NV, there’s a lot of talk about how SharePoint has grown up. At 11 years (77 in dog years), SharePoint’s grown older and wiser. Instead of being seen as a departmental solution to collaboration needs it’s an enterprise-scale platform for creating content solutions.

Looks like Rain

New in SharePoint 2013 are a host of new features that make multi-tenancy easier, and pushes controls further towards the users.  The ability to configure search settings at a site-level makes it easier for organizations to allow departments to customize their own search experiences.  This is just one example of how SharePoint is making it more powerful for clients who are using shared hosting to customize their experience.

Help Your SharePoint User

Microsoft’s own Office 365 environment will create a real option for organizations to do their SharePoint collaboration in the cloud.  It’s a big bet that organizations are willing – and able – to make the jump to the cloud for at least some of their collaboration needs.

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