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Available Now: Communications Tips for Everyone

Talking to people is hard. Talking to lots and lots of people is so hard that there are entire fields of study and job titles devoted to it. However, many of us weren’t trained to do this duty. It’s our job to get the information people need to them, but they don’t seem to be listening.

A few months ago, we released our User Engagement video series. We realized that part of the problem with getting users engaged is getting them listening in the first place. How do you get people aware of the exciting new technologies? How do you deliver the useful info when people just skim your subject line?

That’s why we compiled a whole set of communications tips for anyone to be able to use and understand. From the modest memo to the company-wide communications, you don’t have to be professionally trained in the art of conversation to get people to perk their ears up and pay attention. Each five minute video delivers a tip or trick that you can use immediately in your corporate communications.

The first one here discusses what to do when you have to deliver some sensitive subjects to your organization. Check it out:

Just like with our user engagement series, we’ll be slowly releasing all of these videos on YouTube. However, you can sign up and get these videos delivered to you every week, ad-free. All you have to do is click here to sign up today.

Then, if you decide that you want to use these videos internally, you can license it for use in your organization. With no ads, branding, or bumpers, you’ll get all the videos at once, even those that we haven’t made public yet. Click here to support us and your communicators.

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